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AMD confirms 64 core CPU to arrive in 2020

By Phil Hartup. Posted

AMD has announced that they are releasing a new Threadripper CPU, the 3990X, and that this CPU will have 64 cores with 128 threads. Rumours have it set for a January launch with a likely price tag of around $3000 dollars.

The 3990X will be using the same TRX40 motherboards as the rest of this generation of Threadrippers and should expect a TDP of at least 280W in line with its stablemates, although potentially more given the sheer beef of the thing. The way we think about cooling CPUs, at least in the HEDT bracket, might need to be permanently revised.

As an appetiser for the upcoming core carnage we have reviews of the 24 core 3960X and 32 core 3970X Threadrippers in issue 197, which hits the shelves on the 5th of December.