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Intel launches the i9-9900KS Special Edition

By Phil Hartup. Posted

Intel has unveiled a new CPU to hit the shelves on October 30th. The new chip is the i9-9900KS Special Edition, an eight core, sixteen thread CPU with a 4GHz base clock and a potential maximum clock speed of 5GHz when boosting. The chip runs at 127W TDP, has a 16MB Intel Smart Cache and is compatible with existing Z390 motherboards.

Surprisingly the i9-9900KS Special Edition is only available for a limited time, given how aggressively AMD have been eating into the market share, one would figure that getting more CPUs out there would be the way to go. Although releasing as a special edition does serve to mitigate expectations around supply, which has been something of an issue for Intel this year.

The i9-9900KS also features only a one year warranty, versus the usual three years that an Intel CPU gets, in their website small print Intel cites this as being due to the limited supply volume rather than lifespan expectations.

The i9-9900KS should be available worldwide from the 30th of October and Intel has set the MSRP at $513.