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InWin launches dot matrix front panel case

By Phil Hartup. Posted

InWin has launched its new midi-tower case, named the 309. What sets the InWin 309 apart is that, where some cases might have room to add lighting or a couple of illuminated fans off the bat, the 309 sports a front panel with 144 independently-addressable LEDs, along with twelve built-in modes and controls on the front I/O panel.

Four InWin EGO 120mm fans are installable within the case, each one fitted with 16 LEDs, so you can carry on the lightshow inside as well as on the exterior.

The sands of time for me are running low...

All this lighting is compatible with InWin's GLOW 2 software, which allows you to customise the patterns in general, but also to program specific pixel patterns into the front panel. There have been a lot of RGB options for illuminating PC cases recently, but this represents the kind of ostentatious escalation we can all get behind.

Argh, where are my power pellets when I need them?

There is no price yet available, but the InWin 309 looks like a great option for anybody who wants their case to go beyond being an interesting whirring box of electronics and fans, and instead becoming the centre of attention for an entire room.

The InWin 309