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Make Your Own Dust Filters

By Antony Leather. Posted

Many cases come with dust filters these days, but they often only cater for obvious areas, such as the PSU and front intake fans. There may be additional fan mounts in your case that lack filters, or you might be modifying you case or building one from scratch, meaning new air vents need to be protected.

There are, of course, plenty of third-party options already, allowing you to fit various sizes of filters to your case. However, it’s also possible to make your own filters that are tailor-made to your dimensions, and can even be attached magnetically. In this guide, we’re looking at super-cheap ways to add dust filters to your case if it lacks them out of the box.

Custom magnetic filter

1 Get materials

You may want a more elaborate design than a simple fan filter, while other filters might not quite fit over your intended vent hole. If you want to make a custom filter, you can use magnetic tape and PC case mesh sheet.
Get materials

2 Cut mesh to size

The mesh is available in large sheet form and is relatively cheap. Start by measuring the size of the hole you need to cover. Mark up the mesh, then use a sturdy pair of scissors to cut it to size.
Cut mesh to size

3 Cut magnetic strip to size

The magnetic strip comes in a variety of lengths and widths. We’ve used 10mm-wide adhesive strip, as this width sticks well to the mesh.
Cut magnetic strip to size

4 Apply to mesh

Press the strip firmly onto the mesh. If yours doesn’t stick securely for whatever reason, you can use a small amount of epoxy or glue from a glue gun to secure it onto the top side.
Apply to mesh

Tights - the cheapest option

1 Cut to size

Tights can make cost-effective filters if there are old pairs going free at home. Cut out a section that’s large enough to cover the fan and reach behind to the rear fan-mount holes where you’ll screw it in place. This allows you to mount the fan as an intake.
Use an old pair of tights!

2 Screw to fans

Pass fan screws through the tights with thin washers to avoid snagging. Stretch the tights to each corner to prevent sagging. Install the fan in your case’s front using the free screw holes. For a neater, fixed filter, stick the tights to the fan’s sides with a glue gun.
Secure the tights to your fan with screws