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Rumour Control: Is Intel planning a big GPU?

By Phil Hartup. Posted

Our first looks at the new GPU from Intel have been fleeting and the device itself seemed relatively unthreatening, a shiny little aluminium oddity with an RGB light inside and enough power to run Destiny 2. However rumours have surfaced at Digital Trends that Intel might have something much, much bigger on the way. So far the only solid clue is a leaked part of the specification, the TDP or Thermal Design Power.

The DG1 looking all innocuous.

The Intel DG1 that we've seen has a TDP of 75W, which is at the very low end. For comparison a TDP of 160W gets you an Nvidia GeForce 2060, so a mid-range card. The Radeon RX 5700 XT weighs in with a TDP of 225W and a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti has a TDP of 250W. According to the leaked documents pertaining to the Intel upcoming range they have GPUs that have TDPs of 75W, 150W, 300W and 400/500W. This represents not only the possibility of a full range of graphics cards, but also the potential for some sort of unprecedented monstrosity at the high end.

The document references something called Tile modules, the smallest in the line-up featuring a single Tile, then two, then finally four Tiles on the 400W/500W TDP model. Judging purely from the TDP, perhaps Intel is looking at a top tier card that competes solo with the performance of dual card AMD or Nvidia setups.

No doubt we’ll find out more in the fullness of time, but the idea that Intel might be about to charge headlong into Nvidia and AMD’s private graphics card beef waving a fistful of modular GPUs and some newfangled giganto-card is an intriguing one.