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Samsung launches the CRG5 curved gaming monitor at Gamescom

By Phil Hartup. Posted

Samsung has announced the European launch of its CRG5 curved gaming monitor. The 27in Full HD monitor has a steep 1500R curvature with a refresh rate of 240Hz and compatibility with Nvidia G-Sync.

The CRG5 boasts a 3000:1 contrast level which should provide an edge in clarity particularly in the depiction of low light environments. There is also an Eye Saver mode, which claims to reduce the blue light emitted by the monitor to allow for extended periods of use without eyestrain. This is augmented by Flicker Free technology designed to, as you might expect, reduce flickering.

CRG5 Gaming Monitor

There are also features specifically designed to help in games. Picture mode adjusts gamma, contrast and sharpness settings based upon the genre of the game you’re playing. Low Input Lag Mode is intended to reduce, well, input lag. The CRG5 also includes an optional virtual aim point, so you can see where the centre of the screen is to help with aiming or orientation even if the game you're playing doesn't have a crosshair.

The CRG5 currently retails in the USA for $399.99 though no UK price has yet been revealed.