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Custom PC issue 208 out now!

In Issue #208 we get our mitts on AMD’s new Zen 3 CPUs, which promise to massively boost gaming performance over previous Ryzen chips. We put the new chips through their paces, find out what memory works best with them and show you how to overclock them. There’s also a deep dive into what makes the Zen 3 microarchitecture tick.

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Issue 207

In Issue #207 of Custom PC we dissect Nvidia’s new blisteringly fast GeForce RTX 3080 GPU, which leaves the RTX 2080 Ti in the dust at close to half the price. In addition to a full review, there’s also a deep dive into what makes Nvidia’s Ampere architecture tick, and we get a first look at the top-end RTX 3090.

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Issue 206

In Issue #206 of Custom PC, we show you how to take the shrink ray to your massive desktop tower PC without sacrificing performance. We take you through the case and component options, as well as cooling considerations and hardware tips. There’s also a mini-ITX motherboard labs test.

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Issue 205

In Issue #205 of Custom PC, we go all out on the bells and whistles, showing you how to make a fancy PC that you can proudly show off. From creating a dazzling light show, to making a water-cooling loop system hard tubing, we show you how it’s done, and we also take you through making custom details with a vinyl cutter.

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Issue 204

In Issue #204 of Custom PC, we show you how to build an awesome 1080p gaming rig on a tight budget. Our £699 PC has all you need to run the latest games at decent frame rates, including a 3rd-gen Ryzen CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 500GB PCI-E SSD and, most importantly, a potent GPU. We take you through all the bits and pieces you need, as well as how to build it step by step.

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Issue 203

In Issue #203 of Custom PC, Intel returns fire at AMD by unleashing the fastest ever gaming CPU. We put the new Core i9-10900K through its paces, and show you how to overclock it. What’s more, we also review the Core i5-10600K, test a load of LGA1200 motherboards and find out what memory you need for a 10th-gen Intel Core system.

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Issue 202

Issue #202 of Custom PC is all about wringing every last drop of performance from your CPU, via the magic of overclocking. If you’ve considered overclocking your CPU, but don’t want to end up frying your hardware, here’s a great chance to learn the theory, with guides to safe settings for Intel and AMD CPUs. We’ve also had a chat with Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry about advanced overclocking.

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Issue 201

In Issue #201 of Custom PC, we show you how to build and overclock an awesome gaming rig for under a grand. There are no compromises – our affordable machine has a liquid-cooled 3rd-gen Ryzen CPU, a GeForce RTX Super GPU and a 500GB PCI-E SSD. We take you through the whole procedure, from component shopping to assembling the finished machine.

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Issue 200

In Issue #200 of Custom PC, we conduct an enormous CPU labs test, covering everything from 6-core workhorses to 16-core monsters. We put 15 of the latest CPUs through our test suite, which includes both single-threaded and heavily multi-threaded application performance, as well as game tests.

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Issue 199

In Issue #199 of Custom PC, we dive headfirst into the £150-£350 graphics arena, testing 11 GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. From the GeForce GTX 1650 Super to the Radeon RX 5700 XT, we find the sweet spots for various budgets and also take our first look at AMD’s new Radeon RX 5600 XT.

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Issue 198

In Issue #198 of Custom PC, we show you how to construct a massively powerful Threadripper rig that does it all, from games to heavily multi-threaded content creation, thanks to a water-cooled 24-core CPU. We show you which components to buy, how to put it all together and how to set it up.

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Issue 197

In Issue #197 of Custom PC, we explore the latest massively multi-threaded monsters from AMD and Intel. We try out AMD’s new 24-core and 32-core Threadrippers, as well as the 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X and Intel’s new 18-core Core i9-10980XE. There’s also the all-important mince pie megatest!

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Issue 196

Issue #196 of Custom PC is focused on the art of building your very own PC from scratch. Whether you’re completely new to PC building, or if you’re just looking for some tips and tricks, our primer takes you through all the stages from start to finish. By the end of it you’ll be able to construct a smart PC just like the pros.

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